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The farm and company metal works sells and custom makes metal signs, often by request or for a specialized purpose. Our store is located in Bowling Green, Indiana.


Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 10am-4pm
Please join our Facebook Group for updates
Location: 1409 N County Rd 800 E, Bowling Green, IN 47833




We are Bryce & Maria Schopmeyer, and we are the owners and makers here at “The Farm & Co.”  Bryce and I met at our county fair when I was just 13 and he was 19 years old. I knew the minute I met him that he was the one I’d marry. And we did just that 5 years later in 2008. After we married we gutted Bryce’s families old farm house to the studs and redid it! We soon after had two sons, Braxton and then Easton. Our business started in 2012 while Bryce worked a corporate job and I was a stay at home mom. I had been praying about using the gifts and talents God had given me to glorify His kingdom. Not knowing I could paint anything I pulled out some of the old windows that were taken out of the old farmhouse we gutted and began painting on them! I found so much joy in doing so. After painting several and listing them on a Facebook yard-sale site, the business really grew! We began to do the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival each year and opened our store front in the farm Dec. 2016. After opening the store and it being so much busier than expected. We made the prayerful decision in Oct 2017 for Bryce to leave his corporate job to come home to work full time. That has been the BEST decision for our family! We are open Jan- July, every Thursday- Saturday 10-4pm. We then close down to prepare for the festival and our Christmas open house!