Learning to Sign My Work

Last weekend a sweet girl showed up from out of state to the store with a sign she had purchased at a previous visit. At first, I wondered why she was bringing it back then she asked if she could simply have the back signed. 
I felt silly at first. Like how could I have forgotten this but at the same time is it really that important? 
Then today I was sent another photo of my signature on the back of a sign and it was dated 2015. She explained how much she loved the sign and that it was signed! ❤️
I feel like this is God’s way of telling me to be more intentional about signing my work. And I’m going to do just that! 
Thanks for always supporting us and all my crazy dreams! Y’all really are the Best! ❤️ Happy weekend & be blessed! 😘 #thefarmandco

Maria Schopmeyer